Our saute pans are made from hard-wearing aluminium and you can use them with metal utensils. No details have been overlooked during development - not even the handles, which are heat-resistant, soft, and provide total control (even when your hands are wet).

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Banish spillages and remove stress from the culinary equation with a non-stick saute pan from ZylissPerfect for making sauces and searing meat, each one features a wide surface area and high sides, allowing you to flip food confidently without risk of spillages. There’s no need to use oil or butter either, so your cuisine won’t just be tasty - it’ll be healthier too.

Use your new Zyliss product on almost any hob and enjoy superior conductivity. Each one is oven and grill safe at temperatures of up to 180° and boasts a smooth granite surface that’s easy to clean. Stuck for time? No problem, simply pop your cookware in the dishwasher. It won’t have any effect on the performance or appearance of your pan.

Every one of our saute pans with lids is 100% toxin-free, comes with a 5-year guarantee, and has been endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Guide.

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