Food storage containers

Storing food in suitable containers can be an effective way of keeping ingredients fresher for longer and minimising food waste. Whether you're storing items in the cupboard, fridge, or freezer, there's a Zyliss option for every ingredient.

Our food storage containers are cleverly designed with a textured surface to allow airflow within and keep produce from going stale or mouldy. 

The convenient lids are easy to open and close and, with a variety of sizes ranging from small to large, Zyliss containers are a great storage solution for any kitchen. Compact and stackable, they can help keep your fridge and cupboards clean and organised. 

Our Multi-function Food Keepers are the perfect containers for storing half-used vegetables, leftover meals, and more. Use them as flat-lidded bowls, ideal for chopped ingredients. Or turn them the other way up so that the bowl becomes a domed lid — perfect for onion halves and other awkwardly-shaped ingredients that can be hard to store efficiently. No more browning avocado halves! The innovative shape means you can neatly stack the containers in the fridge.

BPA-free and suitable for dishwasher use, Zyliss food containers are safe to use and easy to wash and care for.

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