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The Zyliss Peelers range offers a variety of vegetable and fruit peelers to make food prep quick and easy.
Peeling can sometimes feel like a bit of an arduous chore, but with our collection of functional and durable peelers, this can be a thing of the past!

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With blades constructed from stainless steel, these tools are rust-resistant and stay sharp — no more scraping away with a blunt edge.

Whether you need a wide classic peeler for tougher-skinned squashes and potatoes or a compact serrated blade for peeling soft fruits like kiwis and tomatoes, our peelers are efficient, clean, and comfortable to use.

With swivel peelers to follow the contours of the fruit or vegetable and precision tips to remove blemishes, you can smoothly and safely peel while minimising waste. How about changing things up with a julienne peeler to create neat and even vegetable strips for professional-looking dishes?

Lightweight handles offer balance and fit comfortably in your hand, and protective blade covers mean you can safely store your peelers in the kitchen drawer after use. Guaranteed for 5 years, Zyliss peelers are easy to clean — just pop them in the dishwasher with no risk of damage or rust.

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