Our range of openers will allow you to open anything with ease, and style. Whether you want a little help opening bottles, jars, or cans, items from this collection will make opening any stubborn containers a breeze. They’re especially ideal for individuals with limited dexterity and beginner cooks. 

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A highlight is our Zyliss StrongBoy 2 Jar Opener, which is every bit as mighty as it sounds. Featuring an adjustable rubber grip loop which allows it to easily fit lids of all sizes and a long contoured handle for excellent grip and leverage, this nifty tool is ideal for opening all types of jars and screw top bottles. 

Perfect for beans, chickpeas, soup, and anything else that comes in a tin, our Zyliss SafeEdge Can Opener is also a must-have kitchen tool. By cutting through cans from the side, it leaves no sharp edges and is therefore extra-safe. Its metal bar also provides extra protection from the blades and its ergonomic handle makes it very comfortable to use. 

We all need a little help in the kitchen sometimes, and this range will provide that help in style. Useful additions to any kitchen, these items are guaranteed to become staples. 

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