Our corer tools will do all the hard work for you when you’re coring peppers, grapefruits, or anything else. 

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Our 2-in-1 pepper corer can de-seed and core bell peppers and jalapenos with ease and without mess. Its stainless steel blade allows it to pierce through the skin without tearing. Its non-slip base allows for an accurate cut every time, meaning your peppers will always come out perfectly. Its ‘push-and-twist’ motion allows it to core and de-seed with one easy step. Its outer tool is particularly perfect for bell peppers and its outer tool is ideal for smaller jalapeno peppers. It’s also compact, which makes it super easy to store. 

Our Twist and Scoop Grapefruit Tool will allow you to prepare grapefruit with no fuss and no mess. It segments clean cuts of grapefruit to add to your fruit salads, baking, and smoothie bowls. Coming with a blade cover, this tool is also very easy to store safely. 

These corer tools deliver great results every time and will save you hours of time and effort in the kitchen.   

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