Zick-Zick 2 Push-down Food Chopper

SKU: E10402


The Zyliss Food Chopper quickly cuts up fruit and vegetables on a chopping board. Each time you press the plunger, the blade extends, cuts the food, and rotates to a new position. Blade cover removes for quick cleaning. Included cup and lid acts as a storage container for leftover ingredients once you're done chopping. Handle locks down for compact easy storage in kitchen cabinets or drawers. This food chopper is an attractive and innovative timesaver!

  • High quality sharp stainless steel blade rotates with each chop for smooth, even chopping
  • Handle locks down for safe and compact storage in kitchen drawer or cabinet
  • Includes lid and storage cup to keep food fresh after chopping
  • Blade cover protects fingers while in use and easily removes to clean
  • 5 Year Zyliss Guarantee
  • Dishwasher Safe

A time-saving, essential kitchen tool.

Just push down to chop

So easy to use!

If you like to include a lot of freshly chopped ingredients into your meals but are not confident using a knife then the Zick-Zick 2 is ideal for you.

No fingers need to come into contact with the blade: the Zyliss Zick Zick 2 Chopper is ideal for quickly and easily chopping vegetables, chocolates, nuts and cheese with the push of the top button.

Chop the ingredients with only a few pushes of the plunger for a coarse result, and keep pushing the plunger for a fine result.

Discover the kitchen legend

Karl Zysett, Zyliss founder, invented the first food chopper, the original Zick Zick in the 1960's.

Now updated to a new design, the Zick-Zick 2, Zyliss has been producing the essential time-saving chopping gadget continuously ever since. Millions of units have been sold worldwide.

We are delighted to include this essential chopper as part of our collection of classic kitchen essentials.

Discover more about our history

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