Gourmet Drum Grater

SKU: E900057

The Gourmet Drum Grater is a versatile kitchen tool for efficiently grating, slicing and chopping various vegetables, fruit, cheese, nuts or chocolate. It is excellently equipped and readily comes with three different drums (fine, coarse and slicing drum) and three additional graters are also available to purchase separately.
  • 275mm x 230mm
  • 1.4kg

    We have made our famous drum grater even better: steeper angle for easier food dispensing, greater overall height of the front edge, insert guide for correct orientation of the plunger, plunger with hygienic cover.

    A strong suction foot holds the grater firmly on smooth work surfaces and an additional table clamp allows the grater to be fixed on rougher surfaces.

    The entire housing is made of coated cast aluminium and the drums are made of high quality stainless steel.

    The Gourmet Drum Grater is one of the best-known products from Zyliss in Switzerland. It is characterised by its high stability and smooth running. Its body is made of solid cast aluminium. It is made for many years of joy.

    A drum storage tube is included which helps to keep your kitchen organised and minimises the risk of injuries when reaching into the drawer.