Balloon Whisk M

SKU: E980239


The Medium Balloon Whisk is the perfect interpretation of a classic whisk. It has a thick and ergonomically shaped handle with practical grip lines, to ensure a firm hold even when wet or during prolonged use. It is dishwasher safe, comes with a 5-year guarantee, and the ergonomic handles are made from a sustainable wheat straw material reducing the use of virgin plastic by 50%.

  • 260mm long
  • 76g

Wheat straw: a new innovation

Our utensil family is a thoughtful, comprehensive system of kitchen tools for prepping, cooking and serving.

The new range of sustainable wheat-straw handle tools with nylon and silicone heads from Zyliss provides a utensil for every task. Our full range is ideally suitable for non-stick pans, ensuring its at home in any modern kitchen.

From spatulas to ladles, whisks, turners and more, replace your tired utensils with our new range today.

Each utensil has been carefully designed and tested to ensure optimum performance when in use. The slightly tapered handle has textured lines which is perfectly ergonomic for the best grip.

Each utensil in this range is food-safe, scratch-proof and dishwasher safe with a 5 year guarantee.

Designed by Zyliss in Switzerland

Characterized by Swiss elegance and functionality, this innovative collection of cooking utensils has been developed using sustainable wheat straw material, reducing the use of virgin plastic by 50%.

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