A good-quality set of kitchen knives can make cooking quicker, safer, and more enjoyable. The best kitchen tools are those that work with the chef, and Zyliss knives have been specially crafted to give you

added comfort and control as you cut, slice, and chop.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions, we are unable to make our knives available to purchase online. They are available to purchase from all Zyliss retailers in the UK.

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Non-slip, contoured handles provide you with grip and stability — even with wet hands — so you can feel safe and confident in your prep. Ergonomic indentions and finger guides make these knives comfortable and easy to use, whether you’re a beginner or a professional chef.

With a variety of shapes and sizes available, there’s a kitchen knife for every kind of recipe preparation — from compact paring knives to large Santoku blades. Whether you need a smooth tapered blade to glide through meat and vegetables, or a serrated edge to slice bread, Zyliss knives are robust and designed for daily use. Keep the blades in tip-top condition with our knife sharpeners and knife blocks.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, these knives are rust-resistant and can simply be placed in the dishwasher to clean. Complete with safety guards to protect both the user and the quality of the blade, they can also be securely stored in drawers after use.

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