Comfort Pairing Knife, Swivel Peeler & Chopping Board 3 Piece Set

SKU: E920253

£14.00 £35.00

This set really has your basic food preparation needs covered. With a chopping board to protect your work surface, a swivel peeler and a paring knife, prepping vegetables is simple.

The swivel action peeler and hardened stainless-steel blade make light work of mundane peeling tasks and continue to perform time after time. A paring knife is a vital in any set of kitchen knives.

The Comfort Paring Knife is ideal for more intricate and precise work. The perfect size to fit any hand size, it allows for greater control than a larger knife.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • 5 year guarantee

This item is age restricted to 18 years and above, you will automatically be directed through an automatic age verification at check-out.

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