Easy Seal Bottle Stoppers X2

SKU: E990039

£3.50 £6.50

Our Easy Seal Bottle Stoppers are an ingenious product designed to produce an air-tight seal that will stop your champagne from going flat and your wine from getting too much air.

Simply position the stopper in the bottle opening and press the long lever down to secure in place. The leak proof silicone seal means even if you knock the bottle over there will be no spillage.

  • Suitable for wine bottles, carbonated drinks and various bottle sizes
  • Easy to use - simply insert the stopper into the bottle and press the lever to seal the bottle air tight
  • Silicone bung expands to provide an air-tight seal to prolong and preserve opened bottles
  • Silicone seal designed for leak-proof storage
  • Guaranteed for 5 years and dishwasher safe

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