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Our tongs and spatulas are excellent additions to any kitchen. Every cook needs a great pair kitchen tongs and a kitchen spatula, and we have great ones to choose from.

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A highlight is our Zyliss Does It All Spatula, which is just as versatile and multifunctional as it sounds. With a flexible rounded edge, it can easily get to those tricky-to-reach spaces when you’re stirring or mixing and its silicone head means it won’t damage non-stick cookware. Withstanding up to 240 degrees of heat, there’s no tasty dish that this spatula can’t handle. 

Our Zyliss Silicone Cooking Tongs are also worth a mention. Made from high-grade stainless steel and featuring heat-resistant silicone tips, these tongs are perfect for all types of food items. Helping you ensure that all meat and veg is cooking evenly on a grill, these will help you rule your next BBQ. Extremely versatile, they’re also suitable for frying bacon, cooking stir frys, and even tossing pasta. 

Items in this range all come with a five year guarantee and are also dishwasher safe so cleaning them couldn’t be easier.

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