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Nan's Roast Dinner Candle

Why Nan’s roast dinner?

Brits won’t stray too far from their roots. According to research from YouGov, the UK’s most treasured meal is the roast dinner. It even bypassed the likes of a full English, pizza, curry and fish and chips!

Nans Roast Dinner CandleIt’s not only filling, hearty and tasty, but also brings about happy memories from younger years. You have to admit, that there’s nothing better than tucking into a roast made by your nan. With all their wisdom, they are the heart and soul of the kitchen.

There’s nothing like a nan’s roast dinner. Hard to replicate, even harder to resist.

In fact, Emma Kenny, Resident Psychologist for Holly and Phil on ITV’s This Morning, says, “As well as improving our mood and sense of wellbeing, pleasant scents and fragrances can also trigger emotionally-charged memories. Familiar childhood scents such as home cooking allow you to reminisce — often working up an appetite at the same time”.

What makes the perfect roast dinner?

Interestingly enough, it seems Brits are very divided on what makes the perfect roast dinner.

A survey revealed the UK’s most popular meat choice as chicken, with 49% of the public vote. The versatility of chicken and its availability in smaller sizes has made it more suitable for meals when fewer people are present, researchers said.

On to the all-important trimmings – YouGov revealed that nine out of 10 claim roast potatoes are a necessity, while the second most popular must-have is gravy - followed by the northern favourite, the Yorkshire pud!

What’s your first memory of cooking?

Perhaps it’s being taught one of your grandma’s recipes. Or maybe the first time you heard pancakes sizzle against the frying pan. It could even be making your first cake with your parents, and they let you lick the bowl!

Your memories have been inspiring all of our work at Zyliss.

For 70 years we’ve observed trends, listened to families’ experiences, learnt from your unique cooking journeys, and designed the perfect tools to help you master the art of prep.

Zyliss offers a robust selection of best-selling food preparation tools that implement the latest ideas and innovations. We love the aromas, colours, sounds, tastes, and textures of the kitchen. If you do too, browse our cooking range today.


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