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Does your zester rip or tear ingredients, affecting the presentation of your food? We have a solution designed to give your drinks and dishes that all-important edge when hosting a dinner party.

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The Zyliss SmoothGlide Rasp Grater boasts acid-etched blades that finely grate cheese, vegetables, ginger, and a variety of other foods effortlesslyThe Rasp Grater rater also deftly catches your food in a storage compartment which doubles-up as a blade cover during storage. Its comfortable non-slip handle provides superior control, preventing any mishaps.

Whether you’re cooking something sweet or savoury, the Zyliss 2-In-1 Zester is another must-have addition to your culinary toolkit.

Zest any type of citrus fruit with this flexible gadget, which includes a channel knife for cutting thick strips of rind for cocktails or desserts. Do you love getting creative? Then why not use the blade to carve channels into your fruits and vegetables. Garnishing and decorating couldn’t be easier; it’s even suitable for left- or right-handed cooks.

Our zesters and graters made from long-lasting stainless steel that won’t let you down. They’re dishwasher safe and come with a 5-year guarantee as standard for your peace of mind.

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