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Tea & Coffee

From your morning coffee to your afternoon cuppa, tea and coffee are everyday essentials and our products are here to make them more enjoyable.

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First up, our hot mug cafetieres. Providing the same deliciousness as freshly-brewed coffee with all the ease of instant coffee, our hot mug cafetieres are an essential for any coffee lover. A cafetiere and a mug in one, you simply have to add hot water and press the fine mesh filter to brew a warming cup of coffee.

Whether you drink your morning coffee in bed, on the train, or walking to work, this mug will keep your drink warmer for longer and will make every sip an even more delightful experience. 

From stylish teapots to innovative coffee-brewers, our tea and coffee selection includes your next kitchen staple! There’s nothing like the feeling of settling down with a steaming mug of your favourite hot drink, so let us make it easier, faster and more enjoyable. 

All our products are dishwasher-safe for added convenience. No matter how long you’ve been enjoying your tea and coffee, why not mix it up and try something new? You might find it’s the change your taste buds have been waiting for. 

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