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Who says healthy eating has to be boring? Zyliss fruit gadgets and spiralizers make it easy to create inspiring salads and vegetable dishes that look great and have you feeling even better. 

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Add texture and colour to your meals, with our game-changing gadgets. From carrot ribbons to butternut squash spirals, our handy spiralizers help you make neat and uniform strips that appear intricate and impressive but are actually effortless to produce.

Why risk cuts and nicks by peeling ribbons with a paring knife when you can make risk-free courgette spaghetti in seconds? Our spiralizers have been uniquely devised with a simple-to-use food pusher that keeps your hands and fingers safely distanced from the blades. Just place your chosen fruit or vegetable into the base tube, pop the lid on, and twist! 

With their innovative design, Zyliss spiralizers make use of the whole vegetable, resulting in minimal food waste — good for your pocket as well as the planet. 

Guaranteed for 5 years, these products are also long-lasting and easy to look after. The units are completely dishwasher safe and conveniently come apart so you can get to the inside easily for cleaning.

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