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Single knives

Our single kitchen knives include a 5-year guarantee, include blade guards to minimise injury, and are dishwasher safe too.

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We’ve all tried to spread cold butter on a slice of bread and watched the bread disintegrate in our hands. No longer! Our Comfort Spreading Knife has an extra-wide blade that prevents the bread from tearing. Meanwhile, its oval shape fits perfectly into jars and is ideal for lifting slices of cake. That’s without mentioning its serrated edge, which effortlessly slices through meat and bread. This multi-purpose knife is just one example of the innovative products in our collection.

If your single knives are old or of poor quality, they could be affecting your hands and increasing your prep-time. Every knife in our Comfort collection is contoured to deliver absolute comfort and features a non-slip grip to provide stability. Further control is guaranteed via finger indents both sides of the handle. Made from durable Japanese steel, our blades stay sharper for longer. Certain items in our range can even slice and dice steaks and salads, making them a versatile kitchen implement for any serious home chef.

Find a better way to prepare your food by browsing the Zyliss Comfort range of single knives today.

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