Sauce Pans

Available in a range of sizes, our precision-engineered saucepans feature a non-stick coating that’s so good you won’t even need to use oil or butter.

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If you hate scrubbing baked beans, eggs, or other food off the bottom of your pans after meals, these are must-have items for your kitchen. Each one made from forged aluminium too. This means you can use metal implements during cooking but without harming your product.

Our saucepans heat food evenly, resulting in piping hot food everyone will enjoy. You can cook with confidence on any hob too, including induction, which means nothing will stand in the way of your culinary ambitionsEach one is oven safe up to 180° and can be dishwasher cleaned safely with zero effect on performance and quality.

We’ve thought of everything, even down to the handles, which are soft to the touch. They’re also heat resistant, so you won’t burn your hands. Comfort and safety perfectly combine when you choose from our collection of saucepan sets.

We want you to buy from us with confidence. That’s why Zyliss offers a 5-year guarantee with every purchase. Order yours now and notice the difference.

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