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Salad Spinner & Tools

Eliminate the problem of soggy lettuce with Zyliss Salad Spinners. Our range of large and small salad spinners and other salad tools make it quick and easy to prep clean, fresh greens that stay crisp. 

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Utilising either pump or pull technology, you have a choice of salad spinners that can quickly and effectively wash up to 6 servings of salad leaves and greens at a time. 

Unique features, including a patented Aqua Vent basket, allow you to wash and dry leaves in seconds, and the secure lids mean there’s no mess.

Ergonomic handles are designed for effortless pulling — no more arm fatigue — and the lightweight baskets are easy to hold under a running tap. After drying, you can even use the handy bowls to serve salad at the table, making it even easier to stay healthy and get your five a day. 

In addition to salad spinners, we have a range of other innovative products, like the Zyliss Salad Knife, which keeps your leaves fresh, crisp, and green by slowing down oxidisation.

Zyliss salad spinners and tools are easy to look after, with lids, bowls, and baskets all separating for ease of cleaning. 

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