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A mandoline is an indispensable kitchen tool. In fact, there’s very little it can’t slice. It can make short work of almost any vegetable - and effortlessly cut through fruit and cheese.

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If you love making salads or home-made French fries, you need to add the mandoline to your growing armoury of culinary utensils. It’s extremely easy to use too, requiring little or no experience to create the desired result. The next best alternative is a peeler. But it’s less precise and will increase your food preparation time. Surely you want something a bit more convenient?

Our mandoline slicers offer the versatility you need to produce great results in the kitchen. Each one is simple to use, easy to store, and designed with safety in mind. They can be used on any type of fruit or vegetable too - and deliver fast and precise results that will show in the presentation of your food. 

Do you really want to clean food remnants after cooking? Our mandolines are dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to. We also offer a 5-year guarantee for your peace of mind, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Slice, grate, and dice to your heart’s content and turn every meal into a work of art.

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