Garlic Presses & Mincers

Garlic is a key flavour component of many dishes from around the world, but it can be fiddly and messy to use. Zyliss Garlic Presses are designed to chop, mince, or crush garlic cleanly and efficiently, making preparation quick and easy.

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Whether you want your ingredients finely minced or smoothly pureed, there’s a garlic press or garlic crusher to suit your needs — and all without leaving your hands with that lingering garlicky smell. Our garlic presses and mincers can be used to prep single or multiple cloves, and the clever design means you don’t have to fiddle about with peeling them first.

It doesn’t stop with garlic! Our versatile products can be used to prepare other ingredients like chilli, shallots, and hard-to-chop roots like ginger and turmeric.

Products in the Zyliss Garlic Press range are made with efficiency and comfort in mind. With easy-to-squeeze ergonomic handles, crushing requires minimal effort. Scrape the minced garlic straight into your pan or bowl — there's no need to separate the pulp from the waste.

Once your ingredients are cooking away, simply pop your garlic press or garlic crusher in the dishwasher, and it'll come out the other side sparklingly clean and ready to use again.

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