Food Storage

Effective food storage can help keep your ingredients fresher for longer and minimise food waste. Boxes, bags, and covers can all slow down oxidisation and keep flies and bacteria at bay.

Whether you need bag clips to prevent cereal from going stale or small tubs to refrigerate single portions of homemade soup, the Zyliss food storage range has something to suit. 

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From freezing big batches of leftovers to saving a sliced lemon, our innovative food storage containers are cleverly designed to stack, helping you organise your kitchen in a way that’s not only hygienic but also utilises space efficiently. No matter what size or shape your white goods or cupboards are, there’s a food storage solution to fit.

BPA-free and leak-resistant, Zyliss storage products are safe for both you and your kitchen surfaces. Designed to be practical, durable, and reliable, they are also easy to clean and care for. Our containers are dishwasher safe so you can ensure they’re squeaky-clean and ready for their next use.

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