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Food preparation

Our food preparation equipment will allow you to prep delicious and healthy meals with ease and confidence. Our vast range includes grating tools, food processors, salad spinners, and whiskers. Whatever tasty dish you’re making, our tools will make preparing it easier.

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Zyliss Onion Chopper
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    Zyliss Easy Clean Garlic PressZyliss Easy Clean Garlic Press - Zyliss UK
    Zyliss Easy Clean Garlic Press
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      Zyliss Multi-Prep MandolineZyliss Multi-Prep Mandoline Food Slicer
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      Zyliss Smooth Glide Peeler SetZyliss Smooth Glide Vegetable Peeler 3 piece set
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      Zyliss Cherry and Olive PitterZyliss Cherry and Olive Pitter - Zyliss UK
      Zyliss Cherry and Olive Pitter
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        Zyliss Tomato Slicer
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          Our Zick Zick Classic Food Chopper is a highlight and has been making food preparation easier for over half a century. One of our most revolutionary products, it was invented by the founder of Zyliss in the 1960s and continues to be groundbreaking. Chopping everyday essentials like onions and potatoes with ease. This chopper will save hours of preparation and effort.

          Other highlights include our Spiralizer which will allow you to create healthy alternatives to pasta, our Onion Chopper which will save you time and tears, and our 4-in-1 Avocado Tool which takes the stress out of preparing avocados.

          We all know that hours of food prepping can sometimes take the pleasure out of cooking, so these items are perfect for when you want to cut out the fuss and get straight down to cooking a delicious meal. Bringing together great quality and great innovation, these products won’t disappoint.

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