Chopping Boards

Zyliss Chopping Boards are lightweight yet sturdy and secure. Textured surfaces aid stability and precision as you cut and the non-slip feet ensure you feel confident and safe in your chopping.

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Many of our knife and chopping board sets also include a practical carry handle.

No matter how intricate your recipe, our chopping board range has flexible and solid surfaces to cater to your cutting needs. Why not try our 4-in-1 set which allows you to quickly and easily switch between food groups without risking cross-contamination? From raw meat to fish, to vegetables, each mat is easily identifiable, clearly labeled by a food-group icon.

Catch excess juice or errant crumbs with an integrated channel around your chopping board, helping to keep your kitchen surfaces tidy and free from spillages. Or take advantage of our solid chopping boards that are strong enough to take a bashing when your recipe calls for a flattened chicken breast!

Zyliss chopping boards protect your work surfaces and are hygienic and easy to clean. Once you’re done prepping, pop them straight into the dishwasher.

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