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Our collection of barware contains excellent accessories that are perfect for any cocktail connoisseurs and will make serving drinks at a soiree easier. 

Whatever your tipple of choice, you’ll find the right accessory to match. From aerating that special bottle of wine to shaking up a decadent foam on an espresso martini, open up the drinks cupboard and let our barware collection do the rest. 

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Treat yourself to a designed bottle-opener to crack open a bottle of wine at the dinner table, or declutter your drawer with a multi-functional bottle opener that’s sure to become a kitchen staple. No struggling to get a needed drink, as our barware will allow you to open pull cans, plastic and metal twist-off caps, metal bottle caps, pop-tops and corked bottles. 

All our barware is dishwasher safe so you can throw it in the dishwasher after an evening of indulgence and take it out sparkling clean the morning after. 

Our selection of bottle stoppers will keep your wine tasting as it should. Letting you open a bottle of wine without worrying about wasting a drop, they’re the ideal accessories for parties and cocktail nights when you want to open various bottles without having to drink them all. 

Treat yourself to any of these cocktail accessories today and be an effortless host at your next party.

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