Zyliss Non-stick Carbon Steel Bakeware

Do you want to mix up some magic in the kitchen? If so, you’re going to need the right baking tools for the job. Before rolling up your sleeves and getting creative, you’ll need some measuring and weighing scales. Don’t worry, we have the technology you need.

Our highly-accurate electronic scales measure in grams and ounces - and feature an easy-to-read display.

We’ve got everything else you need to make your projects a success too. Whisk, fold, and whip your mixtures using one of our sturdy mixing bowls, designed to make measuring, pouring, and distributing easy. You can then shape, style, and decorate your cake or biscuits.

Once you’ve finished, store your baked items in one of our airtight tins to keep them safe and cool. Are you baking for friends or family? Then don’t be shy. Display your hard work with pride using one of our cake stands - that way, everyone can appreciate your handiwork. If you need to transport your tasty confections then do so using one of our cake carriers, which come in a range of shapes and sizes.

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