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Uni Checklist - Kitchen essentials

Uni Checklist - Kitchen essentials

The first year of University is the most fun - so make sure you have everything you need with Zyliss.

Here's our list of kitchen essentials to chuck in the box marked 'kitchen stuff".

Late morning fry-ups

THE hangover cure? Its got to be a bacon sandwich. The classic medicine for the bleary eyed; the egg and bacon roll, slathered in ketchup. It's the morning dose we all need after a heavy night. 


Leftovers will save you time and effort

Trust us - there's no time for cooking fresh every day when you've got to get that assignment in. It's late night and you're still up - you don't want to cook, right? Right, last night's chicken can be kept fresh in these air-tight containers. Sorted.

Date-night prep

Bring them over for some home cooking to impress. Whether it's your best pasta bake or Spaghetti Bolognese, you'll need these to save the day and get a second date:

Post match chow-down

Good game! Time for burgers or a hearty spicy chicken pasta. Over cooked? No problem, stick them in the containers for tomorrow's lunch and you'll be as happy as the chap in the picture above.



Get one of these and everyone will be your friend. In fact, buy five - as they tend to grow legs if kept in a communal kitchen...

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